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Posted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 8:35 am
by speed_buggy
Hey all,

wondering if anyone attending the EILF tour can pick up the chords to Lounging. I was at the show in London last night and I was really into the music and didn't stop to jot them down. Lounging is one of my old favourites because it's soft and slow and would be nice to play while... well.. lounging. Also, I often strum after putting my kids to bed because it helps them sleep and this is a nice song to strum softly :)
This is all I can remember (not sure what tuning he uses):
C/G, Em, Am, and then i think there was another chord but not sure
At one point he went from an F to a barred G
The end bit i think he just looped C/G, Am, F.
In all cases he usually would diddle the C note on the B string to give that up and down effect.
I tried playing it this morning and it doesn't sound right. I'm hoping if someone is at one of the next few shows they could maybe jot them down since he likely won't be playing lounging after this tour.

Btw, the EILF concert in London was awesome. He did two encores and it was just a fun night. He's very interactive during his shows which is awesome. I saw him in Guelph a few years ago as well for his intimate tour and it was great as well.



Re: Lounging

Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2016 7:27 am
by pretpat
Hi Andrew,

I know nothing about guitar chords so I'm not much use to you here, but I'd just like to welcome you to the board :)