What would a thorough B-Sides compilation look like? (please help)

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What would a thorough B-Sides compilation look like? (please help)

Post by dimed514 »

Heya wonderful WYDA community - I hope you're all doing well!

I've been working on v2 of a proper B-Sides compilation with Brent and we were wondering if we could please get some help with figuring out what we're missing, what is only available in a lossy format, etc?

We're looking for a proper/complete discography to help with sequencing the tracks by release-date. I'm pretty sure I saw some thread aboot having that on "the old site" that has yet to be recreated here (?)

Brent's been amazing by hosting "everything" on Dropbox for us - please get in touch if you can help add (in any way) to the collection [https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wem620gq54lo ... y9DNa?dl=0].

The compilation will be cut into two chunks - lossless and lossy - the latter for tracks that either can't be obtained in a proper lossless format or have yet to be replaced or upgraded. So far:

1993-CFNY New Music Search - Take
1994-In September Cassette - 01 Game
1994-In September Cassette - 04 On & On
1994-In September Cassette - 06 Careful (early version of Assignment in Space...) ** pitch seems different
1994-In September Cassette - 08 Lifes Like
1994-In September Cassette - 09 Less Than
1994-In September Cassette - 11 Cause Me Pain
1994-In September Cassette - 12 My Parent's House (longer outro) ** so kinda had to include it
1995-Music For the Needy - Lounging (live)
1996-Lunar Landing Confirmed (Poledo split) - I Wake up with Me (Remastered 2017)
1996-Mild & Hazy - A2 - Mild (Remastered 2017)
1996-Mild & Hazy - B2 - Hazy (Remastered 2017)
1996-More Of Our Stupid Noise - A Fortune I'd Kept (Remastered 2017)
1996-Trees Lounge OST - Trees Lounge
1997-Carry On Mentality - A - Carry On Mentality (Remastered 2017)
1997-Carry On Mentality - B - Wasting My Days Away (7inch version) (Remastered 2017)
1998-30 Hour Famine - To Go Wrong (The Closer I Get earlier piano version)
1998-Now We Are 5 - Neil Young Song
1998-The Closer I Get (Japanese) - Neil Young Song (different mix, lower vocals)
1999-Shanti Project Collection - Choking (re-recorded)
1999-Shanti Project Collection - Wasting My Days Away (re-recorded)
2001-Skyscraper National Park - Mingus
2002-Somebody Needs a Timeout - Girls are Gross
2003-Comes with a Smile 8 - Dynamite Walls (live)
2003-The Amos House Collection III - Towards Me (Roll Down That Wave demo)
2004-Elk-Lake Serenade (AU) - Australia (aka The Show) ** seems EQ'd differently than the mp3 Brent had
2009-Ciao My Shining Star, The Songs of Mark Mulcahy - Happy Birthday Yesterday
2013-Arts & Crafts Records, X - Lonely Is As Lonely Does (with Jason Collett)
2015-Good People Rock - Family Tree (TV on the Radio cover)
2016-EILF 20th Anniversary - Bad as they seem (Demo, In September version)
2016-EILF 20th Anniversary - Trees lounge (Demo) ** 1995? 1996?
... didn't think we needed the recipes outtakes present :)

Hayden - Bad as They Seem (live).mp3
Hayden - Famous Blue Raincoat (Live) (Leonard Cohen).mp3
Hayden - Gouge Away (pixies cover).mp3
Hayden - Slow Show (The Place Where We Lived Bonus Track).mp3 ** pretty sure there is no lossless version (?)
Hayden - The Bridge Collection - 2-12 I'll Tell Him Tonight (Live).m4a
Hayden - The Bridge Collection - 2-13 I'm to Blame (Live).m4a

Note: I haven't processed / added things that apply from Brent's Dropbox to the Lossy folder yet (will edit this post, but the early demo tape he has must be included!), I added a list of things I think we're missing here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n1z228ruly8z9 ... 3.txt?dl=0

Really looking forward getting this into a completionist / perfectionist state with yr help! :ugeek:
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Re: What would a thorough B-Sides compilation look like? (please help)

Post by dimed514 »

If you can, I'd highly-recommend purchasing these:
- https://hayden4.bandcamp.com/album/ever ... ry-edition
- https://hayden4.bandcamp.com/album/movi ... ry-edition

Both are invaluable in terms of adding to/upgrading the B-Sides compilation - subjectively speaking, I would have cut "I Almost Cried" from the EILF 20th as opposed to him dropping "Bunkbed" (let alone how well that one complements "When This Is Over") :(

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Re: What would a thorough B-Sides compilation look like? (please help)

Post by chordak »

Hello! I just stumbled across this while looking for lossless rarities!!!

The dropbox link above isn't working, any chance you can provide a new link?

Also, I have things to contribute to the collection:
1. mp3s from the Daytrotter sessions
2. an mp3 of CBC Radio 3 Sessions 2009-06-03
3. and I'll soon have lossless versions of the live tracks on the Japanese Skyscraper CD

Let me know how I can share!

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