Hayden, iTunes and "Indie Rock" vs. "Folk"

Discussion related to album from In September (1994) to The Place Where We Lived (2009)
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Hayden, iTunes and "Indie Rock" vs. "Folk"

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This is a silly question. When I imported some of the earlier albums of Hayden's to iTunes, the CD was marked as having a certain genre. I think the earlier albums are marked as "Indie Rock" and the later albums as "Folk". I went and changed them at some point and don't know what the original genres were.

My understanding is that iTunes gets track names from Gracenote, but artist, album name, year and genre is encoded onto the CD. Does anyone happen to know the original genres for each album?

> Everything I Long For
> The Closer I Get
> Skyscraper National Park
> Elk-Lake Serenade
> In Field & Town
> The Place Where We Lived
> Us Alone
> Moving Careful
> Live at Convocation Hall

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Re: Hayden, iTunes and "Indie Rock" vs. "Folk"

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I'm not sure about the whole encoded on the CD thing, but here is what is listed for the albums for me in Windows Media Player since I never changed any of them manually, I assume they are original listings, but looks like it is what is listed on All Music Guide as their database.

> Everything I Long For - Alternative
> The Closer I Get - Alternative
> Skyscraper National Park - Rock
> Elk-Lake Serenade - Rock
> In Field & Town - Alternative
> The Place Where We Lived - Folk-Rock
> Us Alone - Alternative
> Moving Careful - Alternative
> Live at Convocation Hall - Rock

Obviously you could make arguments for classifying all of those differently.

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